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Facial Collection + Hair Removal


          Go-To Facial 60/80 minute                                                                                                                  $60/$80

This is what you think of when you hear the word "Facial". Revitalize your skin with a cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and massage using products chosen for your specific needs. This is a treatment suited for anyone with a face.
IN-DEPTH FACIAL 75 MINUTES                                                                                                         $100
Having more time gives Rachel the opportunity to address more serious skin conditions, such as deep congestion, rosacca, melisma, or acne.

          EXTREME CLEAN TEEN FACIAL 30 MINUTES                                                                                  $50

We all know teenagers can be over-emotional, but it's true, their skin can also be really sensitive, and in need of extra attention. Education is key, and along with their soothing treatment, they will leave with knowledge for proper at-home care(don't say "homework"!).

          BACK DELIGHT 60 MINUTES                                                                                                                    $80

We’ve got your back. All the wonderful things the GO-TO does for your front, this does for your back.

         MICRODERMABRASION 30/60 MINUTES                                                                                            $75/125+

As relaxing as the GO-TO, but this adds an anti-aging bonus. The diamond-tipped wand and gentle suction softens fine lines and wrinkles, decreases pore size, and helps to smooth the skin’s texture. Depending on your skin’s needs, more intense infustions may be added.

            ULTRASONIC FACIAL 60 MINUTES                                                                                                         $85

If you have sensitive skin, or have waited until the last minute to book, this is a great treatment for you because it gives results of microdermabrasion without the redness or downtime. The micro-massage and ultrasonic vibration wand helps products penetrate deeper, and stimulates blood flow.

            PERSONALIZED PEEL 30 MINUTES                                                                                              Consultation

Chemical peels don’t have to be scary. Your skin is carefully analyzed, and the perfect level of exfoliation will be used to safely achieve maximum results.
TINTING Lash/Brow/Both                                                                                                               $25/$15/$40
 LASH EXTENTIONS Half Set/Full Set                                                                                           $100/$200
HALF RETOUCH/FULL RETOUCH                                                                                                  $50/$75
LASH PERM                                                                                                                                                $45

                                        HAIR REMOVAL

WAXING                     Old faithful, hair removal utilizing hard or soft wax.                                                          
SUGARING                Newer to the hair removal scene, it’s more gentle because sugar adheres only to the hair.
THREADING            No wax, no sugar, still hair removal.
BROW, LIP, CHIN, SIDEBURN       $15                             HALF LEG                               $45
FULL FACE                                          $45                             FULL LEG                                $55
FULL ARM                                           $35                            BACK/CHEST+STOMACH    $60+
HALF ARM                                          $30                             UNDERARM                            $45
BASIC BIKINI sides and across top                                                                                        $40+
FRENCH BIKINI basic but more                                                                                           $45+
BRAZILIAN BIKINI front to back and side to side, bare down there                                       $70+
PARAFFIN hands are encased in luxurious Ecofin brand paraffin & heated mitts                     $10
DECOLLETE & HANDS brighten up these areas with an exfoliation and massage                  $25

Bodywork Services

MASSAGE THERAPY 30/60/90 minute                                                                     $50/75/100
Gentle or vigorous, light or intense, this personalized massage treatment addresses your specific needs for relaxation and/or pain relief, and may include Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and/or pre-natal techniques. *hot stones included*
REFLEXOLOGY 30/60minute                                                                                                $40/65
This treatment is based on the ancient belief that all muscles and organ systems in the body correspond to reflex points in the feet. Manipulating these points seeks to bring balance, self-healing, and relaxation both physically and mentally.               
BAMBOO FUSION MASSAGE 75/minute                                                                           $85
Using warm bamboo sticks, tension is rolled and kneaded out of tight muscles. This massage feels deep, but doesn't produce the soreness that deep tissue massage can. Very relaxing
RELAXENERGY 60/90minute                                                                                                   $55/75
Deep relaxation and self-healing occur when the energy centers of the body are in balance. Leaves you feeling refreshed and centered.
DELISH DRY BRUSH 30minute                                                                                                    $55
Proper circulation is essential for total health, and a full body dry brushing is the way to achieve benefits such as restored skin radiance and elasticity, a rejuvenated immune system, and lymphatic system stimulation and detoxification. Besides feeling amazing, rumor has it daily dry brushing (over time) can reduce the appearance of cellulite.
BODY BUFF 60 minute/enrich, by adding to any bodywork service                                               $85/40
Your skin will feel alive and revitalized after being scrubbed with sea salt which is removed with steamy aromatic towels, then an all-over moisturizer is the finishing touch to radiance.
HEADACHE RELIEF/SINUS DRAINAGE 20 min                                                                              $35
Points stimulated along the base of skull and around the jawline can relieve headache pain. There are depressions in your facial bones that hold sinus pressure, causing discomfort. Massage can alleviate that pressure by stimulating circulation in those areas.
   These little extras can be enjoyed with any bodywork service.
AROMATIC SCALP SENSATION 10minutes of relaxing scalp massage with your choice of aromatherapy oil $10
SOOTHE THE SOLE 15 minutes of bliss with a peppermint foot scrub and mini-reflexology $15                                         
MUSIC TO MY EARS If babbling brooks or Enya aren't your favorite sounds, we can fix that! A smile


THE TEASER 60 minutes                                                                                                                    $105
A great introduction to both Tiffany and Rachel’s expertise. It’s a teaser because we will inevitably leave you wanting more. Perfect for men and women seeking to pamper, but not overindulge. 
NOW WE’RE TALKING                                                                                                                       $155
Let us give you the love and attention you know you deserve. A 60 minute Massage + enrichment, accompanied by the 60minute Go-To Facial. No one will regret this decision.
ON CLOUD NINE                                                                                                                                  $225
This is it!  You’ve reached nirvana. Indulge in a 60 minute Massage + Body Buff and finish with a 60 minute Microdermabrasion + Paraffin. You may or may not want to line up a ride home.